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What Will Happen if You Use the Microsoft Kinect SDK

I am totally 100% serious right now. Really. [Thanks, Rory Box!]

Video link.

32 thoughts on “What Will Happen if You Use the Microsoft Kinect SDK

  1. Thanks for wasting my time MAKE!  You could have explained what the link was.   I didn’t come to this site to see weak comedy attempts and wouldn’t have wasted my time if you had given any info on what this was.

    1. wow don’t get all angry, smile form time to time else life’s not really worth it.

      anyway funny video, already saw it but it is funny still.

    2.  I would think the picture with the red “Terminator-vision” script, the wireframe pentagon blueprint in the upper right hand corner, the words “NUCLEAR MENU” and the models of various missiles, bombs, and implements of destruction might count as less-than-subtle hints that a joke was in the offing. 

      1. Maybe so Sean.  I was just caught off guard, this site being about making things,but why did you put the “I’m being 100% serious right now.”?  So more people would get fooled and click on your link?  Yes, my sense of humor is pretty weak right now after just having clicked on 2 CNN articles with deceptive headlines.  All about the lulz i guess.

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