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Beer Can Surfboard

San Diego area artist Richard Morrison and surfboard maker Gary Seavgraves devised this burly rocket fish surfboard from 72 beer cans, some foam, and copious amounts of fiberglass resin. Originally intended as sculpture, the board may well be the first fully functioning surfboard made from recycled beer cans. [via GeekyGadgets]

12 thoughts on “Beer Can Surfboard

  1.  Wow…a surfboard made of beer cans sounds well believable but is it safe enough? Turns out, it is safe enough and hell yeah! thats another reason why we need to keep drinking beer because now even surfboards are beginning to be made of beer cans! Kudos people to your imagination!

  2. Yeah and supporting the corporate alcohol industry and contributing to rising medical costs as well as social welfare problems related to addiction is great thinking. I guess that makes me a party pooper. :P

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