If you are a .NET programmer with a passion for hardware platforms, chances are you have heard of and used a Netduino. For the rest of us, learning both a new programming language and circuit design can be daunting. That is where Greg Duncan from the Coding for Fun Blog comes in. Greg has written several Netduino posts in the past and decided to write something specifically targeted towards beginners.

This “guide” started as pretty basic article and turned into a slightly more expanded guide on electronic design and programming techniques for Netduino. To knowledgeable users, some topics may seem gone too much in depth and detail even for “basic” subjects. However, the aim was to provide beginners with knowledge and confidence they need to become advanced enough so that to design successful microcontroller projects by themselves. Additionally, it is always a good idea to understand how things work, even when we can achieve the results using LEGO approach with shields.

The image above is was taken directly from Greg’s excellent article / tutorial. Want to get started with Netduino? The Maker Shed has you covered.