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Time Lapse Lunar Eclipse over the Acropolis

Time lapse video by Elias Politis, uppermost, and single image composite of same, immediately above. It’s NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day for June 25. Not sure I can get 100% behind “Acropoclipse,” but otherwise: Magnificent. [via adafruit]

24-hour Sky Panorama

6 thoughts on “Time Lapse Lunar Eclipse over the Acropolis

  1. “Not sure I can get 100% behind ‘Acropoclipse,'”

    I know, right? “Acropoclapse” is way better. Kind of ties the whole thing together. :)

  2. Time lapse is cool, but an arduino powered motion control time lapse would be better. I’ve been playing with a fellow Maker’s new product and it is a fun little pan / tilt motion control time lapse camera rig that is actually configured using a wii controller.  It’s called the emotimo PT and it is the quickest and easiest way to start shooting time lapse shots with motion control 

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