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How-To: At-Home Selzter


Julie @ Etsy writes:

If plastic soda bottles are piling up in your recycling bin, perhaps it’s time to make your own seltzer maker! With a little tinkering and the right components, you can build a contraption to dispense the bubbly stuff with the help of painter and seltzer enthusiast Randy Stoltzfus.


4 thoughts on “How-To: At-Home Selzter

  1. Most of this is available as a kit at homebrew shops. You’re basically getting the gas component of a home kegging system. I suspect this would be cheaper to operate than some of the counter-top carbonators that come with a line of syrups and custom bottles. Being able to use old seltzer and soda bottles instead of branded bottles with custom caps would be another cost advantage. You could even get a “Carbonator Cap” which is a device intended for use with home kegging systems to carbonate soda bottles of water, beer or other beverages.

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