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Ridiculously Large Jacks

Jason Gessner learned how to weld at Milwaukee Makerspace, and his first project were giant jacks made from bolts. He ended up using the jacks in an event in Milwaukee were teams of people ran around the city doing activities.

The game only took a couple of minutes when done correctly, but some teams were faster than others. We also saw a variety of techniques. Some grabbers would try to stash the nearly 12″ diameter jacks under their arms. Some folks spread the jacks out between their hands and used them like claws to scoop up the remaining jacks. One women even stashed the jacks in her running shorts, but they were a bit heavier than she bargained for.

We were stationed at the underpass at water and pearson, across from Trocadero. After watching what was happening for a while, the Trocadero bartenders popped out to see what was happening up close. We invited them to play a game and they did pretty well! Another couple came by to watch and started laughing at the silliness they saw so we invited them to play as well. They had a few close calls with some wild bounces, but took care of the round with only a couple of do-overs. They looked pretty happy by the end of the game.

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