MicroRAX iPad Stand

Ken Kremer built this adjustable iPad stand using MicroRAX, including some of the new hotness hinged connectors the MicroRAX guys were showing off at Maker Faire this May. Very nice!

14 thoughts on “MicroRAX iPad Stand

  1. Isn’t a iPad the antithesis of the make way of thinking? but anyway, this will make a great stand for an android tablet of any size. Thanx for the tip on MicroRAX.

    1. I’m sorry, I am so sick of people on this site posting “this is not ‘make’ enough” or “they are not ‘maker friendly'” did you build your own house with lumber you cut and aged yourself? do you raise and kill your own meat? did you tan your own leather to make your shoes? did you smelt your own copper and insulate it with your own polymer of plastic for the wires you use to make your toys? just because we like to make things doesn’t mean we can’t use a good product that can be very helpful in our goal to understanding things or just be entertained by them. so until you have created EVERYTHING from scratch, and have used no consumer products in your life, get off your high-horse.

      1. Hey, Parker, did you not read the “be nice” policy?  Or did you even read the post you jumped all over?  The guy didn’t disparage the iPad stand (in fact, I think he liked it), but was saying something about Apple’s philosophy in general.  Well, maybe you were having a bad day, you must have needed that, I hope you felt better after you wrote it.

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