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Ring-shaped 3D Scanner

MAKE subscriber Uros wrote to us to share the projects by some of the students in ENSCI, a product design school in Paris, France. I especially liked the design of the 3D scanner demonstrated in the video above. The scanner uses a laser pointer moving along a ring-shaped track around an object to find a set of 3D points that define the object’s shape. Be sure to check out all of the cool work by the students at ENSCI.


30 thoughts on “Ring-shaped 3D Scanner

    1. No!

      It is creates full 3d models with textures from just photgraphs!
      I cannot belive how many people don’t know about it….

      The only downside is that Autodesk control the servers it’s so could shut it down
      any time they like, but at the moment it’s free and amazing!

  1. Scanning a half sphere? I think you could measure the diameter and make that with 2 click in most cad programs. I’m curious why they’re using a single point instead of a laser line, similar to the David software. The sparse point cloud they’re creating seems pretty low res as well, for such a nifty setup that’s been created.

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  3. What? They’ve got the object to be scanned on a hard platform? C’mon people, there’s better ways to do it than that! Just string a couple of taut lengths of thin piano wire through the ring and carefully rest the object on them. Then you can scan all 360° of it in one scan. Then just delete the extraneous points caused by the piano wire.

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