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From all of us at MAKE: Happy July 4th to all those celebrating American Independence Day. Please sear your dead things or tofu dogs with care and practice your pyrotechnics with all caution. Be safe, have fun, and happy 4th!

12 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!

  1. That’s an unfortunate way to dispose of fireworks. Here in Japan fireworks are a big part of our culture, and there are plenty of fireworks for children (used under adult supervision). The ones for children don’t usually explode or pop, but to a certain degree exploding fireworks are also available. It would be great to have some projects that can be done with simple fireworks! Anything?

    It just so happens the worlds largest yearly fireworks exhibition is close by me. Here is a video of last years finale: . The whole show is broken up into parts, each part done by a different supporting company, and the whole show lasts a few hours. Example, the part done by Isogai Fireworks: .

    Happy Independence Day, America. I’ll burn some fireworks in your honor.

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  3. There should be a law concerning fireworks destruction like this.  By law any publicly owned fireworks must be destroyed in a visible public space.  I would put a good bet in the middle of a large public park.  :) 

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