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Congrats to Bill Gurstelle for his Esquire article, “We Are All Pyromaniacs.” As you know, Bill is guest authoring on the blog, in celebration of the 4th and the release of his new book, The Practical Pyromaniac. In the Esquire piece, Bill says:

Fire is the most important human-controllable chemical reaction on Earth. For hundreds of thousands of years, we and our proto-human ancestors have loved and feared fire. And on the whole, there is more to love than to fear. But when people ask me whether I’m a pyromaniac, the answer has become: no more (well, maybe a little more) than the next guy. Yes, I do like fire. But not in the pathological, over-the-top way that scares people. The reason I write about the subject I do is that — from Tesla coils and potato cannons to homemade gunpowder and fire kites — I figured out that, deep down, we are all pyromaniacs.

Does that ring true for you? Are you fascinated by fire and ‘splody things (in a not “pathological, over-the-top way that scares people”)? Talk to us in the comments. Bill has agreed to give away three copies of his book in a drawing. So tell us some of your favorite pyro adventures. We’ll close the eligible entries by Thursday at midnight Pacific. And we’ll announce the winners HERE on Friday (so check back). Good luck!

We Are All Pyromaniacs

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