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Machine That Makes Lego, Made of Lego

This is reportedly a very rare, limited-edition Lego set produced this year as a souvenir for some kind of exclusive Lego factory tour. Flickr user Si-MOCs would appear to be the proud owner of set 8 out of 68:

The set consists of two moulding machines, the first was a replica of the original hand operating injector back from 1949. The second, Larger one is copy of the current Moulder that LEGO uses today that … well made the bricks that made this model :)

Each model has working features – the little one can ‘press’ the mould together. Where as the large one has a little slot to put in 1×1 round plates in (or raw abs) , followed by a separate mechanism to ‘press’ the mould together. the little 1×1 round then drops down an incline and into the yellow basket below – where it waits to be whisked off by machines to storage.

There are about a dozen more photos in Si-MOCs’ Flickr set, as well as a time-lapse of its assembly. [via Boing Boing]

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