I just got this memo from the Maker Faire team with details on becoming part of the Maker Faire Street Team, spreading the good word over greater Detroit, and earning some Faire tix in the process. Sweet. They are looking for people within an approximately 200-mile radius of Dearborn, MI area (the location of the Faire).

Post flyers and place postcards in your local community and earn two Adult Maker Faire Detroit Day passes worth $50
It’s easy! We will send you 50 flyers, 100 postcards, car bumper sticker and buttons. Throw them in your car, purse, backpack, or bicycle basket and take them with you to all of the places you already go (and maybe a few more). Pin or tape them to the bulletin board, window, or even leave them in a small stack on a counter or table where other items may be on display (of course, you will need to ask permission first). While you’re posting, don’t forget to snap a few pics so we can see all the great work you have done.

When you’re finished, send us an email, along with 3 or 4 pictures, and we will send you two Adult Day tickets to Maker Faire Detroit (the earlier the better, but no later than Jul 21st). You won’t have to wait in line for your tickets, you’ll save a little cash, and you will have helped us spread the word about this great event within your community.

Here are some great locations/examples of places to post flyers and place postcards:
Bookstores, Coffee Shops, Cafes, Toy Stores, Hobby Shops, Craft Stores, Restaurants, Scrap Stores, Community Centers, Hacker Spaces, Tech Shops, After School Programs, Garden Centers, Thrift Stores …and more

Simple requirements:
To join, send your info to: [email protected]
1) Your name/address

2) Send us 3 pics of locations you have placed Maker Faire flyers and/or postcards. Ideally getting these Maker Faire materials and word out as soon as possible — we will need your pictures no later than July 21st.

3) Please don’t post flyers/postcards at any location w/o asking permission or if not permissible

4) Please don’t post flyers/postcards all in one place. We are trusting that you will be a good street team member and will spread these materials throughout your community.

5) We would love to have you join our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

6) If you have a website, you like/run/own and would like to post Maker Faire web banners here is the link to our 2011 banners.

Thank you,

The Maker Faire Team