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A few of us from MAKE stopped by the build site for the Red Bull Creation event where teams have just 72 hours to kludge together something capable of transporting a human some distance. I just joined the judging panel and it’s exciting to see the teams’ ideas brewing now that the communal junkyard is empty and the sounds of cutoff wheels fill the Brooklyn waterfront. I can’t wait to see what emerges for Sunday’s big event. Above, a giant LED clock counts down the time remaining (designed by Raphael Abrams) and Eric Gradman of team Double Wide cuts some steel. More pictures after the jump.

Welding area

Hometown advantage? Alpha One Labs hackerspace is geographically closer to the north Brooklyn build site than any other team.

Maker Faire crew scopes the grounds, photo by maker-in-chief Sherry Huss

Scottie Chapman and a 10-ton bender