While the hardworking teams in Red Bull Creation build against the clock in north Brooklyn, across town, Madagascar Institute is working on a special project for the event all their own — a carnival ride duo of mechanical bulls. The design features two big motors per bull with slip ring connectors to get electricity up the center support during rotation. I can’t wait to see them in action tomorrow during the big event. I’ve survived their Jet Ponies and 360 Swing, but the bulls have crash pads instead of seatbelts. More pictures after the jump.

The bulls both spin and rock to throw the rider. The bodies of the bulls are made from rubber truck tires.

During our visit, the shop was buzzing with highly skilled folks, hard at work.

Philly and Hackett look out from the Madagascar Institute shop doors on Butler Street in Brooklyn.

Upstairs, the metal bull horns get coated and refined.