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Flatbed Slide, Negative Scanning Using Cut and Fold Adapter

Sweet cost-saving hack from our very own Andrew Lewis over on CRAFT. Dedicated negative scanners are expensive, but Andrew’s downloadable papercraft adapter allows good-quality slide and negative digitizing with common flatbed equipment. Cut the adapter from silver card stock, fold and tape it up, and position it over the slide or negative to be scanned on the glass. The scan is taken with the lid open (obviously), and negatives can then be inverted and touched-up using common image-editing software.

7 thoughts on “Flatbed Slide, Negative Scanning Using Cut and Fold Adapter

  1. Brilliantly clever idea! I’ve tried a bunch of homebrew solutions for this, but none of mine worked that well. Eventually I knuckled under and bought a scanner with a transparency hood.

  2. That looks very much like the paper packaging for a sandwich.  I wonder if I could use one of those instead…

    Argh, mayo on my scanner!

  3. This didn’t work for me — no usable images. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or my scanner is different.

  4. Nothing for me either. Does not work.

    The scanner light lights up the front of the film more than it reflects to back light it.


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