MAKE Volume 27: Robots!

The Robots have returned in MAKE Volume 27!

MAKE Volume 27 features a special package with robotics projects for every age and skill level. They play music; they outwit your pets; they learn from their mistakes! In addition, we’ll show you how to build a special aquarium to keep jellyfish, create pre-Edison incandescent lighting, spy via the internet, and make a go-anywhere digital message board! All this and much, much more, in MAKE Volume 27.

Plus – download your free Make: Robots desktop wallpaper!


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2 thoughts on “MAKE Volume 27: Robots!

  1. Have any of you mad geniuses in the Make universe come up with a way to disable car speakers from a distance?  It wouldn’t have to be permanent — just a momentary “pause” feature that would save all us drivers sitting at a stop light from having to hear somebody else’s particular fom of crap — err, rap, soul, pop, whatever, especially when it’s being blasted out of their vehicles at a 120+ deciberl level.  Heck, if you can make it, I guarantee, you’re on track to becoming a millionaire!!!  Please, do it soon, I beg you. 

    Many thanks.  — the mad dog rising

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