Muddwatt Microbial Fuel Cell
Explore the power of microbes with the MudWatt™ Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) Kit from the Maker Shed. Simply fill this kit with soil from your backyard (or someone else’s backyard), along with any biological matter you find in your refrigerator. Within days the attached LED light will start to blink using only the power produced by the electricity-generating microbes in your soil! The MudWatt™ is the perfect educational kit for classrooms and hobbyists since it incorporates a wide range of scientific topics. It’s easy to incorporate the MudWatt™ into a class discussion on microbiology, soil chemistry, electrochemistry, or electrical engineering.

1 Complete MudWatt™ MFC:

  • MudWatt™ Anode
  • MudWatt™ Cathode
  • MudWatt™ Vessel
  • MudWatt™ Hacker
  • Educational Booklet
  • Instructional Booklet
  • Pair of Nitrile Gloves