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Milwaukee Makers on Parade

Milwaukee Makerspace brought electric vehicles and floats to Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s South Shore Frolics parade.

Milwaukee Makerspace member David Overbeck has loved Milwaukee’s South Shore Frolics Parade since he was a kid, and with the help of other makers, he led a group build of a 9 foot tall “Old Milwaukee Makerspace” beer can to appear in the parade. Jason Gessner also took the lead in building two giant Arduinos which we attached to a vehicle platform. He piloted this through the parade while founders Royce and Tom drove their well-known Power Wheels and the rest of us marched along blasting some tunes, giving out candy, and handing out flyers promoting the makerspace.

Read Pete Prodoehl’s blog post or see more pix in the Milwaukee MakerspaceFlickr pool.

[Thanks to Pete Prodoehl for the use of his images.]

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  1. Hi, I’m David, the guy in the red shirt next to the ‘Old Milwaukee Makerspace’ Beer. I was in charge of making sure the beer got built. Wow, was it ever a fun project! I mounted some cameras on the vehicles, and hilarity ensued! Enjoy:

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