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This week on the CRAFT Pattern Podcast, we have an interesting toy for your kitty. Author Kristin Roach made this discovery recently after a visit to her local health food store:

“I picked up a few ounces of Valerian to use in making a healing tincture. As soon as I got home with this herb, my cats started going nuts – pawing at my purse, meowing weirdly. It was like we had catnip on hand. Turns out, Valerian contains a chemical called valerinone, which is very similar to the active compound in catnip. For me, Valerian is all about helping with falling asleep and balancing out my hormones. For the kitties, it’s pure cat bliss.”

Download the pattern PDF and whip up this cute little fishy. If you like, you can add a crochet chain to dangle it from. Here’s to happy cats!

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8 thoughts on “CRAFT Pattern: Valerian Fish Toy for Cats, from Craft Leftovers

  1. Thanks so much for the info and the pattern!
    My daughter bought some valerian, and had to hide it in the freezer because her cats went ballistic when she came home with it! Now that we know it will not harm our little angels, I plan on making some cat toys using your pattern.
    Thanks again!

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