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Oh Happy Day provides an awesome photobooth prop DIY project for us, complete with a free printable. These are perfect for your party and the photobooth you DIYed just for the occasion. Your guests can take them home as a party favor, or keep them for your next shindig. The Princess Beatrice hat is especially hilarious!
photobooth props downloadable.jpg.jpg

12 thoughts on “Make Your Own Fun Photobooth Props

    Except for the feather headband. Really, really not cool. Don’t mar such a great idea with appropriation!

  2. I can see that. I was too distracted by the Princess Beatrice hat to have that gut reaction the first time seeing this, but I feel you. thanks for weighing in!
    I love the monocle:)

  3. Thank you for this!!! They are so cute!
    Nothing wrong with the feather headband. I’m friends with many Natives, they don’t mind it.

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