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Jennifer at Ambrosia Girl made these tiny Polaroid snapshot magnets!
It’s interesting that a tiny Polaroid photo magnet is so much more appealing to me than just a tiny photo magnet (without that extra wide strip of white along the bottom). I guess it’s just the undeniable appeal of a recognizable object, miniaturized.

8 thoughts on “Tiny Polaroid Snapshot Magnets

  1. I believe shrinkle paper was used to make this. You can buy them from most craft or art stores in white, frost or clear. Use the white version and then print mini photos on them from your printer then cut and place in the oven to watch them shrink to size.

  2. I just checked the original post of how this was made. She used a different method which has more processes. Using shrinkle paper is a little quicker, though would need to be tested with quality after printing and shrinking from the oven.

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