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Top 10: Binder clips

While searching for related content for this morning’s clever plastic bottle top hack post, I noticed that we have lots of binder-clip related tips, tricks, and hacks. Here are the most trafficked.


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Did I miss a good one? Let me know, below!

50 thoughts on “Top 10: Binder clips

  1. I use the medium-sized binder clips as hair clips all the time.  They work the very same way, and I like them because they are super cheap (you can get a small box of 24 for the same price as a few of those cheap plastic clips they sell), and they never break!  I realize they may not be the most fashion conscious, but who cares? 

  2. I used a binder clip as a car vent-grill smartphone holder for a while. I accidentally left it in a rental car recently and haven’t rebuilt it yet, though.

    When the metal tangs are in the folded back position (not touching one another), bend the metal at the ends so the tips face inward a little (that will be the lip against which the phone rests).

    Cover the metal with something that won’t scratch your phone (I used yarn) and use a rubber band to make sure the metal tangs are always pulling inward (to hold the phone)

    Clip the binder clip onto one of the a/c vents in your car and voila!

    In the car, it works to hold the phone in the landscape position. On a table, it works well in portrait.

    1. I’m interested in your idea but I’m not sure what you mean- do you bend the metal loop part? And just one one side or both? Thanks!

  3. I use binder clips when painting miniatures (warmachine) they have a handy tab on the bottom to grab onto.

    I take the wire part off of the clip and then it becomes a handy drying stand.

  4. I loaned a binder clip to a friend (I use them as money clips, one for bus fares, the other for spening money,) to hold her dress over her bra strap.  I have also seen them used to secure zippers that have failed at inopportune moments.

  5. The handles from large binder clips fit perfectly into the vertical slots between my cubicle panels (used to hang shelves).  I use them as cubicle coat hooks.

  6. I use it to seal bags / boxes in the kitchen and pantry.

    just fold the top of the box / bag / packet over and clamp it with a binder clip. works a treat.

    i also have some screwed on my monitor stand to hold notes / mail

  7. Super clue a small rare earth magnet onto one side, and they make fantastically strong memo / photo holders to stick on the fridge.

    Fairly obvious – I use them all the time for industrial strength clips to reseal food and snack bags.

    And my wife says she used to use binder clips as fashionable purses for her Barbie dolls as a child. LOL!

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