Paper Crafts

When I was at Papel in Brooklyn, I screamed just a little when I saw these Tom Hanks “T.Hanks” cards from Blue Barnhouse. Did I buy a few sets? Oh, yeah. Now, for someone to give me a present or do something nice for me so I can send one out…

10 thoughts on “Tom Hanks Thank You Notes

  1. I love these so much, I need them. I showed my other half and she was like, do they do them for other celebs. I answered, like who G.Etwellsoon??!?! Haha! Great find X

  2. A great idea, but what does Tom Hanks say about it? Can someone use the image of another person and make a profit from it? This is something all artists and craft artisans must know before publicly selling artwork derived directly from the image of one individual.
    Anyone know the rule/law here? Just wondering…

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