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Our own Haley Pierson-Cox shares what may be the easiest, most portable weekend lunch ever: The Walking Taco. Prep your ingredients, dump them in a small bag of corn chips, stir and enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Recipe: The Walking Taco

  1. This is brilliant and I adore the name. I keep looking for a difficult step I may not be able to do :) Not a one, very clever. ~Molly

  2. Hello, the original name is “tostilocos” it is a Mexican snack. you can add candy, fruit, veggies or anything you like to the bag of chips!!

  3. That’s a real recipe and very very tasty!!
    i’m from mexico and those are one of the common stuff we eat between meals!!

  4. A very long time ago when I was in elementary school we used to have these. We called them “Pepper Bellies” :) Everything old is new. Great post and a great meal/snack. They were always made with Fritos (my very favorite chip) and always delicious. I had forgotten about them–it is time to resurrect this yummyness. ;-)

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