In the Maker Shed: SIM Card Reader Writer Kit

Ever wonder what kind of information gets stored on your cell phone's SIM card? Find out with the SIM Card Reader / Writer Kit from the Maker Shed! Build the kit, then use the accompanying software to read and write from the card, to back up stored SIM card data,... Read more »

How-To: Wrapped Necklace

Kristen of New House Project was inspired by a Sheila Hicks piece at the Cleveland Museum of Art, and created this cool wrapped necklace. See how simply it comes together over on her blog. Related: How-To: Wrapped Bracelets Read more »

Embroidered “Profile Pictures”

“Profile Pictures” is a series of remarkable embroidered works by Carolyn Marsden (Warning: some material on her site may not be suitable for younger readers) which, presumably, depicts pictures of men from dating website profiles with biting observations written underneath them. Utilizing a medium with such a weighted past, my... Read more »

Detect Anything With a Personal Glucose Meter

Here's an extremely innovative idea from Yi Lu and Yu Xiang at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, just published in Nature Chemistry. Medical demand for home blood glucose monitoring equipment has led to the development of inexpensive, accurate, and widely available electronic instruments that can measure glucose levels in blood.... Read more »

Tiny Polaroid Snapshot Magnets

Jennifer at Ambrosia Girl made these tiny Polaroid snapshot magnets! It’s interesting that a tiny Polaroid photo magnet is so much more appealing to me than just a tiny photo magnet (without that extra wide strip of white along the bottom). I guess it’s just the undeniable appeal of a... Read more »