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RGB Accent Lighting with Remote Control

Our good friend Tod Kurt, of ThingM, shows how to control a strip of RGB LEDs using the BlinkM MaxM driver and a FreeM IR remote receiver.

I used some similar strip lighting and a MaxM for a friend’s Halloween costume, and really liked being able to program the blink pattern via Arduino. The addition of an IR remote opens up interesting possibilities.

Invisible Accent Light with BlinkM MaxM & FreeM

8 thoughts on “RGB Accent Lighting with Remote Control

  1. I think the throbbing of light levels (pwm?) even when “steady” might get annoying after a while. Is this because his is pushing the limits of the BlinkM?

  2. nomdebus, the throbbing is due to interaction between the PWM rate in the BlinkM MaxM and the shutter speed of my camera. It’s the same kind of aliasing you see when you see movies of helicopter blades or wagon wheels.  In person, the light is constant, no throbbing.

  3. It is really interesting that we would get remote control for lights.. Sounds like unbelievable.. But its true that we would get remote on RGB lights.
    Sky Remote

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