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3D flower wallpaper.jpg
This 3D flower wallpaper was created by Front, a Swedish (of course) design team. You could totally DIY this look by tacking down faux flowers in vertical stripes down your wall using simple cable tacks from your local hardware store.
cable wall tack.jpg
This could be a really cool effect. How would you spin it? Make it a headboard? Put it on the ceiling? Let me know in a comment!

10 thoughts on “3D Flower Wallpaper

  1. Ugh! It looks like a lot of work, something you’d have to remove in a year because of the dust… Also…freakin’ expensive if you want decent faux flowers.
    I could see this as a way to do a seasonal border above wainscoting, or near the ceiling. It might be nice in a kids room creating a meadow wall, of varying heights, coming up from the floorboards. Not sure I’d do rows upon rows of it.

  2. It would make a lovely photo backdrop for a wedding or other event! If it were just a short event you could use real flowers, or dried flowers if that were more of the aesthetic you wanted. Lovely!

  3. Laura, I LOVE the idea of using it for the back-drop for a wedding or event! That is a great idea. You could absolutely use real flowers and go wild with it. What a perfect use for this.

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