Motorola’s high-end Atrix 4G Android smartphone swept the awards at CES 2011, where it was introduced, taking home media awards from CrunchGear, IGN, Laptop Magazine, Maximum PC, MSN,, Popular Mechanics, and Popular Science, as well as CNET’s prestigious Best of CES 2011 in the “Smartphones” category. At the time it was introduced, the Atrix was the most powerful smartphone on the market.

On top of all that, when our pals over at iFixIt got their hands on it, they ended up giving it one of only two “9 out of 10” repairability scores they’ve ever awarded. Their teardown of the Atrix cites its user-serviceable battery, illustrated disassembly instructions printed inside the case, use of standard fasteners, minimal cable connections, and the absence of warranty stickers and glued joints. Notably, they applaud the designers’ decision to make the LCD display and its glass cover separately replaceable, a feature which anyone who has ever had to perform the common cracked-glass repair will certainly appreciate.

Congratulations to Motorola, and welcome to the running for the 2011 Makeys!


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