DARPA to Fund Hackerspaces?

First-wave hackerspace member Mudge of L0pht Heavy Industries announced that DARPA is creating a new initiative called “Cyber Fast Track” to fund defense-related projects by small groups of programmers. Have an idea for some black ice you can make for the feds? Apply today, they’re claiming a 10-day turnaround on proposals. [Thanks, Phil]

14 thoughts on “DARPA to Fund Hackerspaces?

  1. 1. It sounds like they aren’t funding “hackerspaces” in general, and in fact aren’t even interested in what most hackerspaces are about; they want to find all the small (network)hacker groups out there and get them to work for the government.

    2. “The Government needs agile cyber projects that are smaller in effort,
    have a potential for large payoff, and result in a rapid turnaround,
    creating a greater cost to the adversary to counter.”
    Just who is the adversary?  Probably the #antisec movement, which I’d be more inclined to support any day over DARPA and the rest of the Fed…..

    Just my 2 cents.

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