EZ-Expander Kit
Need more digital outputs on your Arduino? Check out the EZ-Expander Shield from the Maker Shed! Using the two 74HC595 shift registers, you can add up to 16 new output pins (numbered 20-35.) The shield itself uses 3 existing Arduino pins to operate (pins 8, 12, and 13), so overall you get 13 additional output pins to use. The provided Arduino library makes it easy to use the the new pins without having to worry about controlling the shift registers in your sketch.


  • One printed circuit board
  • Two 16-pin IC sockets
  • Two 74HC595 ICs
  • Two .1uF ceramic capacitors
  • One 16-pin female header
  • One 8×2 pin double row female header
  • One 16-pin male header
  • Requires basic soldering