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Here we have Arduino Forum contributor Marklar sharing his intense Arduino-based RGB LED home lighting scheme, which uses an old stereo front panel to control the different chase patterns within the crown moulding of his living room. The intensity and color of the lights can be manually controlled with the stereo’s rotary encoder to suit whatever mood he’s in. And to top it all off, he uses the IR receiver of the stereo for remote control of his colorful home lighting system, making it easy (I presume) to switch from “trippy” to “romance” mode without getting off the couch.


2 thoughts on “Stereo Panel Controls Bonkers Living Room Lighting Scheme

  1. This is a cool project.  Marklar did a great job hiding the wiring and getting the LEDs mounted evenly.  However, am I the only one who thinks that this makes his living room look like something out of a disco dream sequence from the 70’s?  I expect he could program it to provide subtle white accent lighting, but that sure didn’t look like what he was going for.

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