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Whether you have a full-time craft business or some part-time projects you run alongside your day job, you might want to check out Weave, Intuit’s new app for iPhone and iPod. It’s designed to track your projects, tasks, income, and expenses.
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The app centers around the Projects you set up. These might be individual freelance projects, or an upcoming craft show, or you could create a project for your entire Etsy shop for this month, quarter or year. There’s a lot of flexibility so you can set the app up for your business.
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Within each Project, you can create “Todos” and schedule them for any future date and time. If you’re consistent about this, then Weave can generate a nice daily list of the tasks you need to complete. (It’ll even send you friendly reminder messages.)
As you complete each task, you can mark it as done, and that will generate a display showing you what percentage of your overall project you’ve completed.
Where I think Weave really excels, though, is in income and expense tracking. With this mobile app, you can easily make an entry each time you spend money on a project, no matter where you are. Again, with consistency, you can then keep a running total of how much each project has cost you. When you get paid, you can enter this information as well and see at a glance how profitable each project is.
Weave is in its early stages and is actively looking for input from small craft business owners. How can this kind of tool help you better? You can download Weave for free from the iTunes App Store, and then join in the conversation on the Weave Facebook page.