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Destri of The Mother Huddle shares pictures of how one of her readers organizes her fabric stash using a rolling pants rack.

What makes this so great, is that she clips the patterns right on the fabric she intended it for. Then you don’t forget what was supposed to go with what.

She also shares a few links for finding the racks online.

12 thoughts on “Using Pants Racks to Organize Fabric

  1. Well this is genius! And it looks short enough to fit under our daughter’s sewing table. Thank you for sharing.
    xoxo michele

  2. What a great idea….I’ve been pondering for a while how to organize my fabric wich is all pilled in storage boxes and everytime I need a piece I have to empty all….this is going to save me so much time….Thanks for sharing….Love, Jenny

  3. This is such a smart way to store all your fabrics. Must have been created by master seamstress. I wanna sew with her!!

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