Craft & Design

Make_Krylon_Button_v3.gifCompletely makeover a lackluster guitar with a gleaming glitter finish. Don’t be intimidated to dismantle the pieces of a beater guitar and customize your instrument with a coat of paint. Add vivid, colorful shine with a gorgeous spray paint from Krylon called Glitter Blast. It is fully saturated sparkle. The paint dries into a pure glitter coating within 20 minutes. I’ve shared my instructions for a fool-proof finish on Make: Projects.
The wiring inside an electric guitar is fairly straightforward, but if you are nervous about taking the electronics apart, snap a photo with your cell phone to help you remember how to put all the components and pick-ups back together.
In an afternoon crafting you can bring a garage sale instrument from obscurity to the spotlight.
See the complete instructions (and find a printer friendly PDF) at Make: Projects. For more spray paint ideas, visit