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Android Open Conference Mini Maker Faire call for makers closes Monday

Thinking about showing off your cool Android-based project at the Android Open Mini Maker Faire? O’Reilly’s Android Open conference is being held from October 9-11 in San Francisco. If your project is selected for the Mini Maker Faire, you’ll get a free conference pass so you can attend the rest of the conference.

Android has become more than just a mobile OS. With the release of the Accessory Development Kit it’s become possible to bridge the physical and mobile world. We want to celebrate this with a Mini Maker Faire at Android Open.

We’re looking for makers, hackers, and DIY-ers to be part of the Mini Maker Faire on Tuesday, October 11 at Android Open. All submissions due August 22. We’re interested in any hardware project that is based around an Android device or embedded board running Android. We only have so many spaces, so we’ll be particularly looking for projects that appeal to a DIY crowd that feature:

  • Kinect/Computer Vision
  • Arduino/Lilypad/ADK
  • Processing for Android
  • Beagle Board/Panda Board
  • Gadgeteer
  • Wearables
  • Makerbot/Reprap created accessories
  • ROBOTS!!!!

The Android Open Mini Maker Faire call for makers closes on Monday, so get your submission in now!

We’re also celebrating Android DIY with a discount for Makers; get 20% off your registration with the code an11make: Android Open Registration


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