Danny Zepalac Brainfarm Photo

Fifteen years ago, when I first got into snowboarding, the oohs and ahhs of watching snowboarding flicks came mostly from the feats executed, not necessarily the filming techniques and equipment used. But the new film “The Art of Flight” is redefining what is possible both in feats and filming techniques. Amplifying the jaw-dropping skills of such world-renowned big mountain riders as Travis Rice and Jeremy Jones are independent film production house Brain Farm, armed with the uber-slow-motion capabilities of the Phantom Flex high-speed camera system and the Cineflex V14 gyro-stabilized system, with 60-mile remote control. The results are mesmerizing, even for folks who aren’t snow junkies. For those of us without Red Bull backing, I wonder what the maker alternatives to this high-end equipment are.

Top image by Danny Zepalac.
[via Outside]