Everyone that solders is familiar with “solder smoke.” Most people just blow it away when it gets annoying or angle themselves away from it as they work. Try as you might, you are still going to inhale some of the fumes. That’s why you need the Mini Fume Extractor Kit from the Maker Shed. This simple kit will draw the fumes through a carbon filter and away from your eyes and lungs. Check out Make: Projects for a detailed build.


  • (1) 7812 Voltage Regulator
  • (1) SPST Switch
  • (1) Case Fan 40mm
  • (2) 9V Alkaline Battery
  • (2) 9V Battery Snap Connector
  • (1) Pack Carbon Filter (enough to make several!)
  • (1) Fan Guard
  • (1) Roll 22 AWG Wire, Stranded
  • (1) 1/16″ Heat Shrink Piece, 4ft.
  • (1) Make Volume 19 PDF
  • (1) Make Projects Tin