Attention Duct Tape crafters – who’s been making projects with the Hello Kitty limited edition roll? I finally got my hands on a roll and I’m looking forward to seeing craft projects made with this.

18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Duck Tape

  1. My daughter and her friends love making hair bows with duck tape, but we have never seen Hello Kitty – now there is some fun!! Thanks for sharing.
    xoxo michele

  2. I took a roll with me to Guyana this summer while volunteering at an orphanage. I made bracelets (wrist and ankle) for all the girls one day just for fun. so, now that’s what I think of when I see this tape :-)

  3. @Casey
    The javascript isn’t working for me so I can’t reply directly to your comment, but I got mine at Target.

  4. My 4-year old daughter spotted this when we were rolling around Target. I bought it (of course) and we used it to fix her plastic tiara. Worked like a charm.

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