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Maker Wedding Enlightenment

Earlier this summer, Brett was working on a nifty three LED and two AAA battery holder design at the Boston Area MakerBot meetup. We get together when enough people feel the need, generally at Sprout in Somerville. When we met this week, he was able to happily report on the project and the role his making played in “the big day.”

The initial plan was to use throwies, but I felt they wouldn’t give as much light as a commercial three LED solution. This led me to a fun, albeit time-consuming project.

The commercial version boasts a 12-hour life, which probably means 6-8 hours at decent brightness. I was looking for something that we could set up the night before, so I settled on three LEDs powered by two AA batteries.

Designing/printing of the frame was only the beginning. I was able to print four holders at a time on Sprout’s Thing-O-Matic. During the 38-minute print, I would wire up the previously printed set. It took me a while to settle on an efficient assembly technique.

With the lighting and marriage project complete (or at least well underway), he’s moved on to the more domestic pursuit of redesigning the Pocket Coin-Op Bottle Opener while learning OpenSCAD.

You don’t need to make a big commitment to download and print Brett’s design.


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