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Prepare to have your mind blown by this irrefutable evidence of the utter lack of craft projects on the Internets in the late 90s! I recently came across this amazing article by Susan Lazear called, “The World On-line for Knitters,” from a 1997 issue of Fashion Knitting Magazine. It basically explains exactly what the Internet is, how to use it and how it can benefit your knitting endeavors. Ironically, this article does not currently seem to be available anywhere on the Internets, so I’ve scanned it for your nostalgic reading pleasure.

In the 1960’s, we sent man to the moon. In the 1970’s, the hand calculator came into our daily lives. In the 1980’s, the personal computer entered our homes, becoming an indispensable tool for personal and business use. Now in the 1990’s, whether we are ready or not, we have the Internet. Knitters, the Internet and on-line services are here to stay! It’s time to start learning.
What is out there? How could you utilize it? You will be surprised by how much knit technique, tip and pattern information passes through the telephone lines each day. This article is an introduction to getting on-line, using either a commercial network service and/or the Internet, for your knitting knowledge, pleasure and social pastime.

Susan Lazear, you are a visionary.