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Mena of Sew Weekly turned yards and yards of plain cream eyelet lace into a dreamy dress with just a little bit of dye and some elbow grease. After dyeing batches in various shades of pink, she stitched them on to the skirt and bodice of the dress. “It wasn’t complicated, just a bit repetitive. But a good sort of zen repetitive.” This could be a fun kind of thing to try on the lace skirt Haley posted last week! [via Corvis on Pinterest]

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Dyed Eyelet Lace Dress

  1. Yep this would be easier on a lace skirt…be sure you got a fabric with a significant amount of natural fiber or you will have problems with the fabric will resist the dye. Oh yes, another thing: if you’ve sewn your garment with polyester thread, that will resist the dye. All stuff to thing about pre-staining…

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