Scott at Laughing Squid points us to this video of a Dalek art car at this year’s Burning Man. I haven’t been able to dig up much information on it, but it’s certainly very cool. At one point in the video, a person in full Storm Trooper gear poses for a picture with the art car, making me really want to come up with some kind of a, “A Dalek and a Storm Trooper walk in to a bar …” joke.

36 thoughts on “Dalek Art Car at Burning Man 2011

  1. Thanks for chiming in, Cory! I’d love to know any details of the build you’d like to share (inspiration, basics of the process, challenges you faced, favorite parts of the build, reactions, etc.) and I’d love to be able to link to your blog or Flickr for credit. Shoot me an email at rachel at craftzine dot com. Thanks! :)

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