My boyfriend earned even more points today when he spotted this Frank’s Nursery & Crafts shopping basket at a garage sale we were at. I bought it immediately, hoping to store Fabric scraps in it. Any folks out there remember Frank’s?

22 thoughts on “Crafty Find: Frank’s Nursery & Crafts Basket

  1. I’d offer to buy it if I thought you’d you would sell. I worked there for three years. Turned me into the drafter I am today. So miss that place. Daisy Kingdom anyone.

  2. I miss Franks so much! I remember a Donnie & Marie miniature working 35mm camera that I got from there. We didn’t get to go there often because with 3 girls who loved to craft it was never a quick or inexpensive trip. I worked in one for a few months in 1989, it wasn’t the best idea I ever had as a very large portion of my paycheck went right back to them, LOL.

  3. My hubby works at a grocery store and they constantly throw out baskets that have nothing wrong with them so he brings them home. They’re great for organizing toys.

  4. Awesome that you got the basket!
    There was a Franks in Ohio when I lived there in 2002 – they had already shut down many of them. I like the store because they had the nursery which was a cool bonus!

  5. There’s still a Frank’s sign up on Schoolcraft off of I-96 in Livonia, MI (?). I still do a double take, hoping there’s one left.

  6. I loved Frank’s. I still miss that store. I would go in just to look. I too have items with their Frank’s price tags on them.

  7. i worked at a Frank’s in HS (18 years ago, ugh)… best job i ever had :) except when i got ribbon organizing duty. totally miss them, and jealous of your new basket!

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