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The creative team of Pharmacopoeia, headed by textile artist Susie Freeman, re-purpose medications and their wrappings into beautiful pieces of art and fashion. This couture ballgown is made from enough birth control pills to last a woman 22 years.

20 thoughts on “Contraceptive Couture

  1. I can’t tell from the picture how the pills are attached. Are they still in their packets? They have to be encapsulated in some way or this would be an incredibly hazardous, toxic dress.

  2. My first thought upon seeing this was/is “Why?” What an incredible waste of time, talent, & fabric. And now, what will they do with it? It’s toxic. Reminds me of a murder mystery where a designer original is soaked in liquid with cocaine dissolved in it. Definitely an UNLIKE.

  3. All this talk about how toxic these pills are…it’s a good reminder what happens when this stuff hits water as it does on a daily basis with the women who taking these medications. And we drink that water, of course, after it’s been ‘cleaned up’ but heavens knows how much estrogen remains afterwards.

  4. I think you are missing the point. It is not supposed to be worn, nor is supposed to be funny. Check out Pharmacopoeia website to understand what they are trying to do.

  5. The REAL waste with this dress is that these pills are stuck to a piece of fabric when there are so many women worldwide who need them and don’t have access to them.

  6. I support the designers on creating this art piece. It causes us to think…its a conversation piece that brings up debate and controversies as to world population controls, freedom of choice, religious values, woman’s role in society, and so much more.
    Dresses I have viewed in galleries and museums made of condoms, food, money plastic bags, trash, and so much more are for social commentary…more than for practical daily wear.
    The comments here are interesting, but please try and think beyond the obvious. I celebrate what the creators endeavored to stir up. Its a beautiful photo, and the action of the model implies even more to the subject matter…with her dress flying up, exposing her feminine sexuality…further emphasizing her confidence in living her life as freely as she wants.
    The “Pill” has absolutely changed women’s lives…and the worlds. I remember times before the pill was legal. this dress/ image shown above is a powerfully personal symbol to me.

  7. I don’t know where you ladies get your information but I’m a women’s health nurse practitioner, & the birth control pill is neither toxic, dangerous, nor is it costly (perhaps the drug companies charge an exorbitant co-pay but that’s another story). It looks like little plastic packs affixed to the fabric, big deal. The packs are usually cute, colorful, geometrically unique. I think it’s adorable, & hopefully will educate women about the state of modern contraception…. definitely a conversation starter.

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