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There aren’t a ton of chain stores in Brooklyn near me, and even if there were, I am more of an independent business and “mom and pop shop” girl, myself. Unfortunately this means I always miss the designer lines for Target. Ugh, why oh why didn’t I snag any of those Orla Kiely pieces?! Missoni is debuting a line of clothing and home goods for Target this month, and I don’t even need to step in a store to snag the look thanks to Vikki Howell’s DIY version of the blanket! What a perfect way to get a designer look you made yourself. I choose handmade over store-bought any day!
Missoni for Target DIY blanket-2.jpg

10 thoughts on “DIY Missoni Blanket

  1. What caught my eye when I saw this post was not the blanket itself, but the toy record player! I used to play with one of those!

  2. I have tons of afghans my Mom made.. but in my house they just collect dog hair and I don’t to have to keep throwing them in the washer so they wear out faster. I like the backing on the insert. I have some old blankets that I might just try to attach to the afghans to help keep their shape and hopefully last a little longer. They were made to be used, but I’d like to get a few extra years of use out of them.

  3. I’m not up-to-date on fads and fashion, but isn’t this new craze for “Missoni” just a new take on the old ripple pattern for afghans? You can create the chevron part of the patterns as deep or as shallow (the one shown is rather shallow in the “v’s” of the stitch pattern) as you want. There are millions of books out there with patterns, and I’m sure as many on the web. Create your own color combinations, make your chevrons as deep as you want, and make your rows as thick or thin as you desire. There!! You have your own, individual, unique Missoni blanket/scarf/pillow/shawl. Or am I missing something important to this whole Missoni thing?

  4. I like how the wavy colors look together. I’m sure black and white will also look nice. I wonder if its possible to do this with mink blankets. Wool looks really nice.

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