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If you’ve ever found flash photography to be too harsh, but often wondered how the pros get those evenly lit studio shots, you should check out a ring flash. Shooting through a ring flash will get you smooth, even lighting, and that perfect twinkle in the eye. You’ll also lose the harsh shadows that usually accompany a flash.

Ring flashes can be cost prohibitive, which is usually why you don’t see them much outside of the studio. It’s the sort of thing that screams for a DIY solution, of which there are many. If you’re looking for a quick and easy alternative to messing around with pie tins and duct tape, I’d suggest checking out DIY Lighting’s Ring Flash Kit.

Shipped flat-pack and easy to assemble, the DIY Lighting Ring Flash Kit will get you up and running in the time it takes to fold and tape together this clever light guide. You may lose a stop or two compared to a true ring flash, but you’ll get those awesome results you’re looking for if you’re willing to experiment a little. I’ve found it to be great for fill as well.


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