The latest episode of MakerBot TV explores this weekend’s Faire. As you might image, the focus in on the amazing 3D Village that we had set up there, and MakerBot’s presence at the event. They cover Spazzi, Keepon, and BreBot, and interview MakerBot/3D printing enthusiasts Tristan Juan, Forest Crossman, Luis Rodriguez, and Timmy Chao Li. They also show the Turtle Shell Racing action. I love having at least one “geek sport” at every Faire, and Turtle Shell Racing was it for NYC. Great raceway, fun, over-the-top race announcing, wacky races, smack-talkin’, everything you want from such an event. They even had a Becky Stern Mountain on one end of the course, crowned with a 3D print of Becky’s head. I gave the Races one of my Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbons. Congrats Michael Overstreet and crew for the good times.

MakerBot TV – Episode 3, Maker Faire