I’m coming to you live from Chesterton, Ind., today. I just got back from a trip downtown to some great antique and knick-knack stores and came home with lots of treats. My favorites just might be these Martha Stewart cookbooks. Who’s found some good, crafty thrift finds recently?

10 thoughts on “Crafty Thrifting: Martha Stewart Books

  1. I actually work at a thrift store in Minneapolis were I sort and price all the crafty donations. I’ve scored big over the past four years from cowboy bark cloth at 99 cents a yard to great yarn and vintage patterns. I’ve even found a 1960’s serger in great shape and my boyfriend bought a 1940’s Singer Feather Weight for $25!!! This job has fed me crafting even if I spend most of the paycheck! Good luck and happy hunting to all the other fellow craft thrifters!

  2. I LOVE searching through thrift stores for sweaters to reclaim for the yarn. So many awful sweaters made out of great wool that is just begging to be reknit into something cozy and flattering. My favourite recent find was a poncho, DK weight all bright red with one ply of a dark burgundy 60% alpaca 40% wool, 1200M for five bucks. I’m reknitting it into a Tappan Zee cardi from Knitty Spring 2011.

  3. I recently found a couple of the Golden Hands volumes and some other vintage craft books that have so many great designs and ideas in them!

  4. Love that you were in a city near me!
    I always hit up library booksales for great crafty books, over the years I have built up a great collection of them.

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