My first attempt at injection molding with PETE plastic (Mountain Dew bottles). The molded part is the shape of a fishing lure (crankbait). This type of fishing lure needs to have a buoyant body to keep it upright in the water. The PETE plastic used in the video is more dense than water so it is not a functional lure.

Home Plastic Injection Molding

17 thoughts on “Home Plastic Injection Molding

  1. Interesting video.

    I would give you 10 out of 10 for your first attempt at injection molding with PETE plastic. I truly believe that your future attempts would give you more success.

    I would also say that this shared set up is an impressive setup for the small shop!

  2. Seems like an interesting video. I would like to point that prototype injection molding is the next best thing for companies that do not want to spend too much in production.

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