The LinkM, from the Maker Shed, is a USB adapter for BlinkM Smart LEDs that addresses two of the most frequently-requested features: It enables you to program your BlinkM (or MaxM or MiniM) without setting up a separate I/O board, such as an Arduino, and it lets you program or control multiple BlinkMs simultaneously. Plug it in, plug in a BlinkM, fire up the BlinkM Multitrack Sequencer, and start programming! It requires no drivers and works on OSX, Windows, and Linux.

Quick Start requirements:

  • No electronics experience!
  • No programming experience!
  • Computer with USB port
  • One or more BlinkMs, BlinkM MinMs, BlinkM MaxMs
  • OSX 10.3.9, Windows XP/7, Linux
  • Java 1.5 or later
  • Mulitrack ThingM Sequencer software